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One Nation, Many Cultures

Teacher Information Page

It is recommended that you read the article Using Cooperative Learning in the Technology Infused Classroom prior to starting this project.

This project was designed as part of Unit One: The Impact of Geography of the Grade 4 Social Studies Curriculum. The final feature of this unit is the Native Americans of the U.S. project. This webquest was designed to meet the requirements of the unit project utilizing cooperative learning, higher-order thinking skills, and web-based resources to accomplish that task.

The following standards guide this project:

Enduring Understandings

Essential Questions:

  1. How do the characteristics of a region influence a population and its culture?

  2. What characteristics of a location influene economic prosperity?

  3. How do people change their environment, and what are the consequences?

  4. How can we use geographic tools to acquire and analyze information about geographic systems?

Prior Knowledge: Students must be familiar with the Wheel of Culture for Native Americans in Maryland lesson in the previous section of this unit.

Suggested Timeline:

Step One: Browse, Ask Questions: one session

Step Two: Group meeting: Task definition. Assignment of roles. One session

Step Three: Gather information: 2-3 sessions or at-home research

Step Four: Group meeting: one session

Step Five: Group work time: 2-3 sessions or at-home activity

Step Six: Dress Rehearsal: one session

Step Seven: Presentations: one session