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Multimedia Presentation: Grades 5-8

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Appearance   Text areas and graphic areas are balanced.
    The words on the display are easy to read.
    The words on the display are spelled correctly.
    The graphics on the display are easy to see.
    The background does not compete with the text or graphics.
    Titles and headings are easy to distinguish from other text.

Resources   I used a variety of resources.
    I used resources that were reliable and credible.
    I used up-to-date resources.
    I used electronic resources (Internet, CD-ROM).
    I used print resources (textbooks, books, magazines, newspapers).
    I used reference material (dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia).
    I cited my resources.

Preparation   I planned my time wisely to assure access to needed materials.
    I prepared a clear topic and subtopics to cover.
    I thought about questions I needed to answer in my presentation.
    I thought about things I wanted to find for my presentation.
    I used feedback from others to refine my topic, subtopic, and details.
    I thought about what materials and equipment I would need for the presentation.
    I made a timeline of when major parts of the presentation would be done.

Organization   I made an outline or storyboard to organize my thoughts and ideas.
    My presentation was a clear explanation of a topic.
    My presentation was persuasive in presenting a point of view.
    My presentation had a clear answer to a research question.
    I organized my thoughts and ideas in a meaningful way.
    My organization was easy for others to follow.
    I included a meaningful title slide.
    I included an introduction or Table of Contents.
    I included a date and author slide.
    I included slides to support my main points and subpoints.
    I included a conclusion slide.
    I used a Bibliography or Resources Used slide.

Media Use   I used original art and effects in my presentation.
    The media I chose is related to the content of the presentation.
    The media I chose adds to the user's understanding of the presentation.
    My media does not distract the user.
    Media is balanced appropriately with text.

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